Established in Tokyo in 2023, YOKOMAE et BOUAYAD is a partnership led by the Japanese architect Takuma Yokomae and the Moroccan architect Dr. Ghali Bouayad. 
An international team working on projects across Asia, Africa and Europe. Our main office in Tokyo is supported by our studios in Morocco in Marrakesh. 
The practice is currently designing a wide range of projects from the small scale of exhibition scenographies and private homes, the middle scale of apartment buildings and hotels, and to the large scale of public schools.
Takuma YOKOMAE, born in Japan, is a first class licensed architect awarded a master of architecture from Tokyo University of Science in 2012. Since then and for 10 years, he has been a close collaborator of Kazuyo Sejima (Pritzker prize 2010) at SANAA. As a project leader, he led to completion the Yoshida Printing headquarters (2014), the Tsuruoka Cultural Center (2017), and has led the development of the new Shibuya Station and the Umekita Large Canopy (2023).
In his practice, Yokomae focuses on the process of iterations to answer the requirements of his client's programs and achieve the best design solution possible, while considering the relationship of architecture to its surrounding environment and landscape, using beautiful proportions and visual transparency.
Yokomae received multiple prestigious awards for his work; in 2010 the Jury prize for the Central Glass international competition, the Space Design competition, and the 1st prize for the Membrane Space Design competition, among others.

横前拓磨一級建築士。2012年に東京理科大学大学院修士課程修了。 東京を拠点とする、妹島和世建築設計事務所にて10年間建築設計に従事。 妹島和世氏、西沢立衛氏のもと、担当作品として荘銀タクト鶴岡、松島自然の家2期、ヨシダ印刷 東京本社、うめきたII期開発事業(進行中)、渋谷駅街区開発計画(進行中)などのプロジェクトを担 当。その他国内外の建築設計競技に多数参加。 建築単体だけではなく、その周りの環境も含めて、自然に寄り添う新しい建築の在り方を模索し ている​​​​​​​.
Dr. Ghali BOUAYAD, born in Morocco, is an HMONP licensed architect awarded a doctorate of fine arts from Tokyo University of The Arts (Ph.D, 2021). He received his Masters of Architecture at the Paris La Villette architectural school after spending his final year at Kyushu University (2015, Japan).
Bouayad now lives and practices in Japan, working with architectures, speculative diagrams, mixed realities, drawings, physical models and text, while being concerned In his practice by the notion of ornamentation in the age of postdigital architecture, the impact of technology on aesthetics, crafts and phenomenology.
He has exhibited internationally and received multiple awards for his work: the 2nd prize for the reconversion of the Yahata City Hall public competition (2015, Japan); at Itabashi Art Studio, Tokyo (2018); the Japanese Monbukagakushou Government Fellowship (2017-2021); the Architectural Institute of Japan jury prize for the Ginza Architectural Grand Prix, (2018); and has exhibited at the Tokyo Geidai Museum.
Between 2021 and 2023, Ghali has been a collaborator of Kazuyo Sejima (Pritzker prize 2010). At SANAA, he participated in the design of Shibuya Station, was a co-project leader on the Umekita Large Canopy in Osaka, and acted as a structure lead designer on the new maritime museum in Shenzhen.

ボウアヤド ・ガリ、モロッコ人、フランスの一級建築士(HMONP)、博士美術。
2021年よりSANAAにて妹島和世、西沢立衛に師事しつつ、建築設計事務所を展開している。SANAAでは、渋谷駅街区再開発と大阪のUmekita Large Canopyの現場に参加し、深センの新海洋博物館の構造リードデザイナーを務めた。​​​​​​​